What Services to Expect From a Qualified ECU Remapping Technician

Are you thinking about getting your vehicle’s engine remapped any time soon?  If so, you may be curious to know what you should expect when a trained ECU remapping service technician remaps your vehicle’s engine control unit. First, you can expect a performance software test to be performed on your vehicle’s engine file to better understand its current power and capacity level.

This information will include your vehicle’s fuel delivery, boost limits, timing, torque limits, ignition advance curves, load variables, and temperature variables. Once these configurations are determined, a trained technician will then modify the data they have received on their monitoring system. These modifications will be specific to your vehicle’s ultimate performance.

Performance enhancements will include better overall fuel efficiency of your vehicle, a smoother driving vehicle with better acceleration, and improved horsepower and torque. A qualified ECU remapping technician will explain everything in detail with their customer before making any changes to their vehicle.

Here at Mobile ECU Remapping we understand that your money is valuable.This is why we want to make sure that everything we do is to benefit you the customer.  For this reason, we invite you to contact us today with any questions you may have concerning getting your vehicle’s ECU remapped by one of our trained technicians.