What’s ECU remapping

When we remap a vehicles ECU we are fine tuning the maps that control the engine’s performance. As well as producing more torque and power we also solve drivability problems such as low rev ranges that have flat spots and hesitation issues giving the engine much more torque which also results in a more responsive and enjoyable vehicle to drive overall.

Engine remapping can give more power substantially and totally transform your vehicle’s performance. When it comes to improving the performance of your car, engine remapping is definitely the best option for you.

All of our MAPS is custom tuned to each vehicle so all data specific to the vehicle is kept, no generic maps are used by Mobile Ecu Remapping.

Ecu Remapping & Chip tuning

So why should I remap my ECU? When vehicles are distributed throughout the world, manufacturers adopt a one map fits all policy. This one map has to take into account many different factors that are necessary for each export country. Areas such as climate, emissions, fuel quality etc all have to be considered by the manufacturer. What this means is that a vehicle ECU is never optimised for one individual situation.

Ecu Remapping Software is only one of the many things we do at Mobile Ecu Remapping, We also can 4 wheel drive dyno test any vehicle.

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