Frequently Asked Questions: Is Your Car Worth Remapping?

This is a question that we tend to get a lot because some people here in the UK are driving vehicles which they consider to be older modeled cars. While the car may not be new off the showroom floor, if your car is less than ten years old and you have never remapped your car before then you should certainly consider doing so.

There are many questions that people have about our ECU remapping services and the technology that we use. We use the latest software and tuning tools on the market today, Alientech, and we have the best technicians to perform the services on your vehicle. The best part about these services is that it’s completely undetectable and we offer a lifetime software warranty which very few other companies in the business will do.

Another concern is whether or not you have to inform your insurance company that your vehicle is remapped. We do recommend that you inform your insurance company that you have had your vehicle remapped because they will want to know, but it’s highly unlikely that they would cancel your policy because the main benefits you will realise when you have your car remapped by our professional technicians are better fuel efficiency. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can have your car returned to its original state before any services were done.