ECM Titanium – ECU Remapping Software

The new software ECM Titanium gives you the chance for tuning both Diesel and Gasoline engines, modifying the file stores inside the Electronic Control Unite memory (EPROM). Depending on the type of engine, naturally-aspirated or turbo-charged, the software allows you to rapidly adjust maps values (injection, spark-advance, pressure, TURBO…) and limiters.

The new ECM Titanium is installed directly inside an USB dongle that owns 8 GByte of memory and you just have to insert it in a USB 2.0 port to use the software. The USB dongle includes the software ECM Titanium, the integrated personl Database and ECM Upgrade.

The personal Database is a powerfull toll you can utilize to organize all your modified files and Drivers, both if you downloaded them from Internet or made them by yourself. So that each time you load an EPROM file, the software automaticly recognise it and will show a list of modified or Drivers files related to it.

The ECM Upgrade help you to keep you software always udated; updates include software, checksum and Drivers files.

Expert tuner can create a customized Driver file, using the improved Driver Manager Plus tool; that is an optional software plugin sold apart. Newcomer can download Driver files from our website.

We are very experienced with the ECV injection / ignition system equipped with some Ford gasoline engines. That is why we are well-known in USA.


Software € 2200
S/F Update € 880
CK Updates € 220