Ecu Repairs

If you have tried to cut a few corners and purchased yourself a cheap remapping tool such as a kwp2000 or Galleto 1260 to remap your own vehicle and it has all gone horribly wrong don’t turn to a dealer and pay in excess of £750 for a new ECU!
Instead turn to us you have a 95% chance we can save your current ECU for a fraction of the price by just reprogramming it for you. You are required to remove the ECU and send it to us via Royal mail Special delivery with all your contact details.
You need to purchase the £35 deposit button below when you send the ECU to us to begin our work inspecting the condition of the ECU and making sure it is recoverable state. Once we have completed the work and fixed your ECU we will contact you for the final payment of £115.

If you want us to remap the ECU for you at the same time as fixing it this is not a problem either, the final payment will be £175. All of these prices include return delivery via Royal mail Special Delivery.

Postal Adress

Zaviz International Limited
Zi Motorsport
Coed Aben Road
Wrexham Industrial Estate
LL13 9UH

United Kingdom

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