The Different Names That ECU Remapping May Go By

Find out what remapping your vehicle could mean for your car by contacting one of our skilled technicians today.  We know that most people don’t understand what remapping their vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) is, or even the different names that it might go by.  Chip tuning, performance tuning, or ECU tuning are just a few of the other names you might find when doing research online for ECU remapping. Considered by many car enthusiasts around the world, having your car’s ECU remapped will provide lots of benefits for the owner.

Lower Fuel Consumption-This is one of the main advantages to getting your car’s engine remapped.  What most people don’t realise is that the manufacturer of their vehicle will place restrictions on their vehicle prohibiting it from reaching its maximum fuel performance. This costs the owner a lot of money when it comes to fuel expense.

Increased Torque-By remapping your engine, you will certainly see benefits of higher power and more torque. Your vehicle will now be able to endure long trips better than it could before, giving you a better, smoother ride without compromise on power or fuel usage.

Better Engine Response-Having your vehicle remapped will mean that you will be removing certain restrictions which could affect how your vehicle will run. This could mean that it will not only run more efficiently, but with better response as well. This will also mean that your vehicle will have better acceleration when you need it most.