Izuzu ECU Remapping

Izuzu Tuning and ECU Remapping

Please Note some of the figures below and for demostration purposes only, All Izuzu’s are custom tuned to the customers needs & requirements, So Outcome may vary. Some Older Izuzu’s can not be remapped via the normal methods and need to special chip fitted in the ECU which takes a little longer, But has the same outcome. We also have a 1000 BHP Rolling Road, so we can offer you to check previous and new BHP Torque Results and see what you gained.

Izuzu Chip Tuning

Below is our a list of Jaguar’s current BHP & Torque Figures compared next to the improved BHP & Torque Figures of the Izuzu, Contact Us for Izuzu Ecu Remapping

Izuzu Ecu Remapping statistics

Izuzu D-Max
Model Original Tuned Original Tuned
D-Max 2.5 TDI 136 HP 170 HP 294 NM 387 NM
D-Max 3.0 TD 131 HP 163 HP 280 NM 342 NM
D-Max 3.0 TD 163 HP 195 HP 333 NM 402 NM
D-Max 3.0 TDI 163 HP 195 HP 333 NM 402 NM
Izuzu Pick-Up
Model Original Tuned Original Tuned
Pick-Up 2.5 TD 101 HP 135 HP 226 NM 288 NM

Izuzu Questions

Q: Will i have any problems after a remap of my Izuzu?
A: If the vehicle in question is in acceptable condition then you shouldnt have any problems we will check fault code memory but it is not viable to check every component on the Izuzu Ecu Remapping.

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