Alien Tech – ERSA soldering station

Alien Tech – ERSA soldering station.

Ersa Soldering station is available in two models i-CON and i-CON2. These are the best for reliability and quality. Each model has a large LCD display, tools automatic recognition and a new standby option for energetic-saving.

A soldering station that could not mantain a consant temperature of the tool performs a bad work, because to execute a good job the solder needs an high constant temperature.

With the technology development, the demand of high standard instruments is increased and many instruments are ables to perform a good work but it isn’t so easy. The element that warms up the prick of tools in many cases is layed into the incandescent element. The result is a premature usury of the prick, therefore a waste of material.

Further newelty is the standby option that allows to decrease the temperature of the tool at 250 °C during the inactivity periods. The working temperature will returns normal when the user pulls out the tool from the pedestal.


With i-CON soldering stations and the relates i-TOOLS there is an another news, the automatic recognition of tools. In this way the user will find the last setup used for that tool.


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