STEKIO – Carburation always under control

STEKIO – Carburation always under control.

User friendly, specific to perform Air Fuel Ratio and Lamda value measurements of internal combustion engines and analisys of on board automotive sensors. The device gives you the possibility to visualize and to record data issued from the vehicles sensors and from the sensors connected straight to STEKIO (up to two wideband oxygen sensors BOSCH LSU 4.2 and up to two piezoelectric knock sensors).

The STK Pro is the powerfull user software that allows you to manage every features of the device. You will be able to download all the recordings performed during your work and to display them on the PC monitor, or record signals directly on computer memory, connecting the USB cable to execute a professional real time data acquisition (Real Time Data-logging).

STEKIO represents the evolution of ours previouse devices those could only measure the stoichometric value of Lambda (?). Now it is possible to perform different measurements those should require to buy more than only one device.

Soon it will be available a new addictional feature to perform an OBDII Diagnosis on veicles (OBDII Scan Tool) that will allows you the chance to use the diagnostic connector to read data from the available sensor signals acquired by the engine control unite (ECU).






Basic €299
Tuner €499
Expert €749
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