KESS v2 – Serial Programming ECU

KESSv2 – Master & Slave OBD Tuning Kit

KESSv2 is the tenchological evolution of Alientech system dedicated to the communication via OBD with the Engine Control Unit, available for car, bike, and truck.

The management software, easy and professional, is available in several languages. The update is completely automatic, limiting user intervention to the mere working operations on the ECU. Connection between KESSv2 and vehicles takes place by using special wiring, provided according to the operation needed. KESSv2 also offers many EXTRAS to improve its performances:

  • Boot-Loader mode supported
  • Management of programming counters
  • ScanTool function to erase DTC


KESSv2, the software, and its several communication protocols are avaible both in MASTER and SLAVE versions.

KESSv2 supports the following communications lines:

  • K-LINE
  • CAN bus
  • J1850 Protocol (Ford)
  • J1708 Protocol (Renault and Volvo TRW)

Features which ensure the safety during reading/writing operations can be summarized as:

  • Check of battery voltage in real-time
  • Full Recovery function in case of problems
  • Automatic correction of Checksum, where available

The management of the time of communication with the vehicle is optimized thanks to:

  • Several options of reading/writing speed
  • Option to write: full file/section of the map
  • Full integration with ECM Titanium




K4/Bootloader Cable

Essential when is necesary get off the ECU from the vehicle. That tool is easy to use but is necessary a “pinout” to identify ECU pins to connect.
The led in the case point out if the Ecu is supplied, so the user can operates in safety.
Bootloader is a KESS add-on that sets the ECU in a particular mode of work, this condition is called Boot. Kess comunicates with ECU (Take down the ECU, sold resistors and connect the instrument, following the instructions in the tutorial inside the software) in boot mode, this allows to read maps sector of eprom. With Bootloader is possible read and write ECUs excluded from usual communication protocols.

140 Euros

KESS is available also in configuration Master / Slave. This way of work allows to buy two or more devices those can exchange files only with themselves. Whit a master is possible to make a codified file readable only by the related Slave

Master 4200 Euros

Slave 2000 Euros

Tricore Adapter

Enables you to use the KessV2 on new locked EDC17 / MED17 vehicles. To use this you need to remove the ECU from the vehicle.

850 Euros

Must Solder several cables to use this adapter.

950 Euros

Uses BDM Probe and requires BDM Frame.

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